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Pod Recap – Out Of Bounds – Episode 193

Adam Jaber March 29, 2022 77

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Out Of Bounds – E193 – Kade Krichko and Ahmet Dadali

Welcome back to The Out Of Collective for another pod recap expedition. Today we’re giving you a rundown of the latest episode from Adam. His guests on episode 193 of the Out of Bounds Podcast are Kade Krichko and Ahmet Dadali. We have over 3 hours of listening to rundown for you, so we’ll try and keep it brief. Will give your ears more time for full episode. Or your eyes! That’s right, moving forward we’ll be featuring interviews from the new studio for viewing pleasure on the YouTube!

New Pod, new studio, and a new sponsor. So, before we dive in, a quick shout out to Rumpl! There are a lot of blanket options in the world, but Rumpl really strives for sustainability. They make weatherproof, durable, and cozy blankets and towels used with the same materials as premium outerwear. Use promo code OUTOFBOUNDS for 15% off your next purchase. Happy to have them, and you on board. Let’s get into it!

Kade Krichko

In the first half of this week’s episode, our guest is Kade Krichko. Kade is the editor of “The Ski Journal“. Which for those not familiar, is maybe the last great ski magazine out there. Consistently one of the most beautifully put-together publications in the industry, both aesthetically and substantively.

Kade Krichko

Kade got his start with Powder, and freelanced for 10 years, writing anything and everything ski culture. And at his core, he’s a storyteller and writer. After going to college for journalism, it was really skiing that opened the doors for him to follow his passion for traveling and telling people’s stories. It wasn’t a traditional route so to speak, but the access to people and places in the outdoor industry just seems to be more open. There’s a depth to writing about skiing that you don’t necessarily get with traditional mainstream sports. Kade saw this firsthand trying to cover sports in Boston and even abroad covering soccer in Spain for ESPN.

So, back to the Ski Journal. In an era when the giants of print media are dying off, why get back in the magazine game? Conversations went well and they seemed to appreciate skiing wasn’t everything. And would give Kade the opportunity to still pursue other passions and now here he is two years in. He’s faced the challenges of having to manage other peoples vision, when he’s used to being the one out connecting with people and being creative. But it seems to be a puzzle he’s getting more comfortable with and actually enjoying.

Kade may have bigger picture plans and responsibilities editing for “The Ski Journal”. But, what makes him so successful is again that at his core he is a storyteller as evident in this interview. He casually recounts getting over the giant firewall and getting sick on goat meat all to ski rocks and ice in rural China. Kade is naturally open and honest and has an passion for connecting, that comes through in this episode and in the magazine.

Ahmet Dadali

Not going to lie this back half of the episode is a tougher recap, and the interview with Ahmet Dadali should be taken with a grain of salt. Ahmet has been a rad pro skier for 15 years. Adam looked up to him a lot as a kid and he tells him that right off the bat. He was essentially the first brown dude Adam had seen “make it”… and was in a lot of ways, proof that someone from a similar background could make a place for themselves in this industry.

This entire chat was a mix of good feelings, great storytelling, and some honest takes on the way the Ski Industry takes advantage of its athletes. It goes off the rails a bit when it comes to covid and vaccines etc. I don’t personally feel comfortable repeating a lot of it. It’s a very sensitive subject and don’t want anything to be taken out of context or misconstrued. That being said it was an interesting interview. So…maybe this is a great opportunity for you to watch for yourself on YouTube!

And listen to the full episode and both interviews wherever you catch all your Out of Collective pods. Don’t forget to leave us a review. We really appreciate it. And we’ll see you next episode for another recap!

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