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The Pursuit

Pod Recap – The Pursuit – Episode 51

Adam X Sauerwein March 19, 2022 130

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The Pursuit – E51 – Photographing Legends w/@Ming.T.Poon

Mr. AdamX takes a break from pow laps at Alta and takes heat from snowboarders across the country, to bring us a brand new episode of The Pursuit for your ears. His guest this week is almost as famous as the legends he encapsulates on film, Ming Poon. He’s photographed the biggest names in outdoor sports. The list is silly but here’s just a few: Cody Townsend, Michele Parker, Jeremy Jones, Emily Harrington, Mike Douglas, Ian Macintosh, Daron Rahlves. I’ll stop cause otherwise the list won’t. But Adam get’s behind the camera and we get a to see and hear more about Ming. Here’s the recap, let’s see what develops!

Ming Poon

Lake Tahoe is breathtakingly beautiful and a legendary winter destination. It has grown some of the biggest legends in the sport. So it’s a good thing they have a master behind the camera in their own backyard in Ming Poon. Access to the biggest names in winter sports builds careers both ways. But it’s not all pow shots and cover photos. Ming is about that Tahoe life.

Living in Tahoe since 2002, he immersed himself fully in the scene. Riding as much as possible. Climbing year-round. Taking guide courses. Even did a couple of seasons in AK at Points North Heli. Everything is driven by a love for snowboarding and meeting friends and mentors along the way. And Ming rips in his own right and he needed to, to keep up to capture these elite athletes with whom he became close along the way. This opened doors. And now his phots have been featured in TGR, Powder Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, The New York Times. Again, it may sound like name-dropping but, he’s not doing it, I am. Legendary resume for a legendary dude.

He and Adam digress and just shoot the shit for a bit though. Talking through the evolution of backcountry snowboarding. Literally splitting your own snowboard in two with a kit. Using paper maps, long before iPhones and even Garmins. Ming was there. Taking photos of backcountry riding as it evolved. Sometimes it’s just knowing the right people and being in the right place, right time. Somehow though Ming has that dialed into a science.

But you spend this much time in a community like Tahoe, a loss is almost inevitable, and Ming was no exception. losing people like Shane and Kip Garre who not only were his friends but helped bring him up in this mountain community as mentors on and off the slopes. It was around this time he dropped everything and moved to China to handle some family business, business. But that was not going to be sustainable and the mountains called and he came back to Tahoe. And he came back to the friends and mountains he loved and decided to go full steam ahead with photography full time. Powder Photo of the year shortly followed. The rest is kinda history. The proof is in the pictures.

Ming is the ideal photographer for these athletes in the mountains because that’s who he is. Ming lives the life. He knows the people. He has the skills in the mountains. It’s natural and the photos reflect that. Check some of his work out on Instagram @Ming.T.Poon and listen to the full episode below! Don’t forget to leave a review for us as well, we’d really appreciate it!

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