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Pod Recap – Out Of Bounds – E184 – Freedle Coty, Todd Heath & David Wise

Adam Jaber January 19, 2022 265

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Welcome back to the Out of Bounds Podcast Recap. We’re here for two things. Kickin ass, and recappin pods. And it looks like we’re all out of asses, so let’s get to recapping! Will try and keep this brief, because this week’s episode is not. Adam brings it, dropping three hours of interviews of what the kids call bangers. Three very different guests along the way; Freedle Coty, Todd Heath & David Wise. If you know who any of these guys are, awesome. If not, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for, and help is on the way! But first powering us through all 3 interviews are our sponsors! Bern Helmets protecting your noggin in a safe and fashionable way. And the fit is on point, no matter how big your dome is. Also, Woodchuck Hard Cider, quenching your thirst on and off the slopes with dope flavors you don’t see anywhere else, like sangria and pear’seco. Now on with the show and the recapping!

Freedle Coty

First up, is Freedle Coty. Ski and Snowboard cinematographer, editor, director, writer, producer etc. Born and raised in Vermont he now splits his time between Bozeman and Maple Falls WA. He’s been working with Level1 since 2003, and most recently with them and Parker White on the Nothing series which is a trilogy.

Freedle Coty

In the episode we get a look behind the lens. And for Freedle sometimes filming can start to feel like groundhog day. But snowsports and Level1 have continued to evolve and grow keeping things fresh. Like Smash Mouth says, the years start coming and they don’t stop coming, and sometimes you’re just along for the ride. He and Adam dive into reminiscing some of their favorite films and cuts through the years. And what comes across is simply how vast Freedle’s resume is, and how impressive it is when you start adding up titles.

The latest project, the Nothing trilogy, featuring Parker White. Didn’t start as a trilogy but the first short film was such a hit, the series had to continue. And it gave Freedle a chance to film snowboarding again and not just skiing, and embrace a more full bodied snow riding experience.

The conversation flows this way and that and touches a lot of topics. They debate the merits of a healthy snow sport economy. And making quality entertainment vs the cost of exploiting what you love. And at the end of the day is it really contributing anything to the benefit of society? There’s definitely a lot more to the interview so go back and listen in full. But this recap train still has two more stops to make so choo choo!

Todd Heath

From the silver screen to the printed page, we are joined by Todd Heath, founder of Bomb Snow Magazine. Yes they still make those. And they’re still worth reading, and more importantly they’re worth paying for. The magazine had grew its roots when Todd was in college. Originally called “Piste Off” magazine in 2005, it got a reboot almost two years ago, thanks in part to the pandemic. Todd like many Americans lost a job or two because of covid and he circled back to his passion project and relaunched as Bomb Snow in 2o20. Todd makes magazines, but he’s here to tell stories and “inspire mother fuckers”.


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What brought back a magazine at a time when giants like “Powder” were shutting their doors? Well that was part of it. Their was an absence and a void needed to be filled. And that void was ingrained in Todd too. Also it’s an outlet for him who is an artist at heart. He has an art degree, and for those that haven’t seen a copy, the cover is always art. It’s also a place for progressive ideas and general radness. It’s been important to not dilute things with ads keeping an 80/20 split. Definitely quality over quantity giving advertisers an opportunity to support art, and not just go for eyeballs.


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