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Pod Recap – The Pursuit – E41 – “You can’t sit with us” w/ @MeganMcJames

Adam X Sauerwein January 7, 2022 233

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It may be a new year, but Mr. AdamX is #NotDoneWith21. But, regardless we do have the first new episode of The Pursuit for 2022. And with the Winter Olympics less than a month away, who better to have as our first guest, than Megan McJames! Megan is a skier and 3 time Olympian. And although she skied for Team USA in Vancouver, Sochi, and PyeongChang, she was only on the US Ski Team for one of those. This interview tells that story and so much more about Megan. But, first shout out to our sponsor this week, Bern Helmets. They’re a pillow for your head. Safe, stylish, and they fit. Use code OutOf15 for 15% off your order at BernHelmets.com. Now, full speed downhill with the recap!

The Pursuit Megan McJames

Megan was on the US Ski Team for 7 years but was cut in 2012 after an injury. And for most people that would be the end. But she blazed her own path and made it to two more Olympics. The first-ever to make Team USA without being part of the US Ski Team. There was fundraising, and figuring out gear, and travel, but the biggest struggle was believing in herself in the face of huge obstacles. The biggest shock for me is how humble she is, and positive. She didn’t do it out of spite, she did it cause she loves making fast turns, and just loves the sport. She raced World Cup level for a total of 12 years and just lived and breathed every second of it.

Now having retired from competing, Megan isn’t slowing down or turning away from skiing. She’s now made a film about her story, called “Trailblazer” coming out Fall of 2023. It follows from the beginning of skiing as a kid in Alta, to her struggles chasing the Olympic Dream, and her love of skiing beyond racing. Her story is one of perseverance and stretches far beyond skiing. If the teaser above is any indication, the film should be awesome, as was her talk with Mr. AdamX. Tune in now for the full listen of the episode


The Pursuit – E41 – “You can’t sit with us” w/ @MeganMcJames

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