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Pod Recap

Pod Recap – Out Of Bounds – E182 – Real Sh*t with Andy Parry

Adam Jaber January 4, 2022 245

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Welcome to 2022 Out Of Bounds Podcast followers and listeners! Kicking the year off on a positive note with one of the most thoughtful and caring skiers in the industry, Andy Parry. Maybe no better ambassador for getting kids hooked on skiing than this guy. Before we dive in to the recap, don’t forget to check out this week’s sponsor Woodchuck Cider. Makers of the best damn ‘mimosa’ in a can. Full stop. Now on with the show!


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Andy grew up skiing park and rails in Western NY. He was a founding member of LINE Traveling Circus, and also started the Tell-A-Friend Tour which is a Freeskiing activation tour for kids. His latest project aptly called “Kids Ski For Free” which with the help of brands, resorts, existing non-profits, and other pros and aims to do just that. Doing skiing on the cheap, which is how he grew up, gets more people skiing. He’s been able to travel and ski with his friends and make some money along the way so he wants to give back and share that experience with more kids. And he know’s that socio-economic backgrounds aren’t the only thing that needs to be diversified in freeskiing and that’s a driving force for him too. He’s starting small but who knows maybe one day there will be an Andy Parry Ski Academy or Scholarship program. 

Andy and Adam dive deep into systemic issues that are much bigger than skiing, but it trickles down and very much affects skiing. He’s passionate and thoughtful and definitely open to conversations and that’s really how these conversations move forward. But, let’s also not forget Andy is a sick skier, and a hustler. He knows at his level of pro skier, there’s no being picky. So sure a thousand bucks for an IG post here and $2k there for content, sign him up! The dude is out there doin it. He’s the face of so many events and projects and brands. He loves skiing but is also killing it on the business side because he knows it’s just skiing, but also not just skiing. Just keeping sponsors straight between himself and the different tours is a ton of work. But he knows how to merge his persona with the brands. And knows it’s also who you know and sometimes you gotta bro down and make the relationships. The megapass can of worms eventually gets opened. Still no answers. Only problems and that can and will likely be its own episode down the road, cause things are not getting better. But like we said its 2022, let’s stay positive, like Andy Parry. Remember it’s for the kids! Tune it and focus on the good!

Out Of Bounds – E182 – Real Sh*t with Andy Parry

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