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E126 – Nick McNutt (@NickMcNutt)

Hey Everyone! Today we have Nick McNutt on the show. Nick is a Professional Skier for brands like Atomic & TGR. Back in March, Nick got caught in an slide that took him out and... Read More
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E124 – Lorraine Huber (@LorraineHuber)

Hey Everyone! Today we have Lorraine Huber on the podcast. Lorraine was the 2017 FWT Champ. Lorraine has now transitioned from being an athlete on the tour to now commentating & coaching on it. We... Read More
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E123 – Lani Bruntz & Mali Noyes

Hi there! As you may or may not have noticed, we took a week off, but we’re back! Today we have Lani Bruntz and Mali Noyes on the show. Lani & Mali are pro skiers... Read More
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E119- Phantom Snow Industries

Hi Everyone! Today we have the crew from Phantom Snow Industries. You can learn more about Phantom at www.phantomsnow.com Don’t forget, on TUESDAY, we’re dropping a series called “Now Is The Time For POW” featuring... Read More


Level 1 Presents: Nothing.

Nothing is Level 1’s most recent project featuring Parker White (See Episode #112), Duncan Adams, Forest Bailey & more. It’s not your typical film. It’s good vibes, riding with friends, shredding pow, and that’s it….

Snowpack Scholarship- SHEJUMPS

SheJumps has partnered with Montucky Cold Snacks and Ikon Pass to offer some rad sponsorship opportunities to help educate and provide an educational bridge for women in skiing. From SheJumps: To create affordable opportunities for…

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