Snowpack Scholarship- SHEJUMPS

October 6, 2020

SheJumps has partnered with Montucky Cold Snacks and Ikon Pass to offer some rad sponsorship opportunities to help educate and provide an educational bridge for women in skiing.

From SheJumps:

To create affordable opportunities for adult women to gain experience and education in snowsports and avalanche safety, so as to increase participation in winter sports. Our hope is to reduce the gender gap in outdoor sports and provide a safe learning environment through women-led and attended courses and low-cost programming.

SheJumps is offering three distinct Snowpack Scholarship Programs for the 2020/2021 winter season:

1) Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship: Pacific Northwest

2) Snowpack Ikon Pass Scholarship

3) Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship: Sierra Nevada & Northeast



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